Girls Audio Storytelling Project


An initiative to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in urban slums and rural areas of India

Every day a new inspiring audio story creates positive hope for girls and their family members who are isolated at home.

Our initiative helps more than 5000 girls in urban and rural India through the power of audio storytelling.

We deliver quality literacy building opportunities to these girls by providing a new inspiring audio story every day!

Prerna Ghodake_1The challenge we face

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and continuous lockdown, girls living in urban slums and rural areas throughout India are facing many challenges to access quality learning resources at home. Ongoing social distancing and limited finances, even to fulfil the daily basic needs of family members, are impacting adolescent girls mentally and emotionally.

There are not enough educational resources available, nor are there learning platforms that girls can regularly access. Adolescent girls from slum and rural areas are being held back educationally due to this lack of quality learning resources in their homes.

“This is not a drill. This is not the time to give up. This is not a time for excuses. This is a time for pulling out all the stops”. Coronavirus update: 290 million students now stuck at home – United Nations News, Mar 5, 2020.

Prerna Ghodake (2)

Our innovative solution

In April 2020, Aarti Naik and the team of SAKHI for Girls Education launched the Girls Audio Storytelling Project with the strong support of Prerna Ghodake. Prerna is a girl in 8th standard who has excellent skills in audio recording and storytelling. Every day she records a new inspiring audio story in Hindi, Marathi, or English to be shared with thousands of home-bound girls in urban slums and rural areas via WhatsApp.

The SAKHI team has joined forces with classroom teachers to share these inspiring audio stories on a daily basis. SAKHI and the teachers are creating WhatsApp groups for the parents of children in slum areas and rural villages, so they can provide learning opportunities to girls through a new audio story each day. Mothers of adolescent girls are taking leadership on behalf of their daughters, Together, mothers and daughters are enjoying listening to these inspiring audio stories every day at home.

Our project leader Aarti Naik

Aarti Naik, a slum-based young woman Changemaker, has been educating girls from her slum area since 2008. She is based in the suburban area of Mulund (w), Mumbai, India. Twelve years ago, she was a school drop-out girl herself, but she never gave up on her life challenges. Today she helps more than 400 girls continue their school education more confidently with quality learning. Aarti is the founder and director of SAKHI for Girls Education. Her organization creates safe and quality learning spaces for slum-based girls through a variety of educational initiatives, such as the Girls Audio Storytelling Project.

Listen to some of our recorded stories here:

  •     Story_1_GADHA & DHOBI (Hindi)
  •     Story_2_DO GHADE (Hindi)
  •     Story_3_EKA KUTRYACHI GOSHT (Marathi)
  •     Story_4_THE SELFISH HORSE (English)
  •     Story_5_CHALAK BANDAR (Hindi)
  •     Story_6_DHEYAPRAPTI (Marathi)
  •     Story_7_RABBIT & TORTOISE (English)
  •     Story_8_MERE AKELESE KYA HOGA (Hindi)

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This initiative needs your support!

Every day we need 765 INR ($10 USD) to create a new inspiring audio story for home-bound girls.

To create 30 audio stories per month, we need 22,950 INR ($300 USD).

To pay expenses for internet and telephone communication with girls in rural and urban slum areas, we need 5,000 INR ($66 USD) per month.

We are also seeking financial support to purchase quality software for audio recording and additional audio equipment. The one-time cost will be 50,000 INR ($660 USD).

Please give what you can to support the Girls Audio Storytelling Project


Sakhi’s Girls Audio Storytelling Project

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