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Who will take care of girls’ education?

If there is no one to support a slum girl’s learning, who will take care of her education?

Be a SakhiIn 2008, I was a school dropout. I wanted to continue my education but there was no one to help me overcome my difficult situation. As a slum girl dropout, gradually I realised the seriousness of my situation, and a question arose in my mind: “If there is no one to support and guide slum-based girls’ basic education in their families, at their school, or in the community, then who will take care of their education?”

And the answer came to my mind: “I can!”


Be a SakhiI strongly believe that if one person displays strong leadership, he or she can inspire others to become actively involved. In 2008, I was alone. But now, around the world, people are coming together to support me in ensuring that basic education reaches the most vulnerable girls and women.

I would like to ask everyone from around the globe to please invest in SAKHI for Girls’ Education. Your strong support will ensure that every slum girl gets a SAKHI in her slum community. SAKHI means a female friend of girls who inspires, guides, and supports other girls for a good cause. What slum girls need is someone who will take care of their basic education needs with literacy and numeracy classes, and empower them with lifelong learning skills.

So please, be a SAKHI for girls’ education!

Aarti Naik, Changemaker/Founder
SAKHI for Girls Education
Mumbai, INDIA

Be a SAKHI for the slum girls of Mumbai.

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