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Changing the Lives of Slum Girls Forever

SAKHI’s mission is to create quality learning spaces at the community level, so that every girl in the slums of Mumbai, India, will get an opportunity to continue her education with confidence. SAKHI means a female friend of girls who inspires, guides, and supports other girls for a good cause. Since 2008, Aarti Naik, a slum-based young girl “Changemaker”, has been building basic educational capacities for other slum girls through a community-based after-school programme.

SAKHI’s major objective is to provide a girls’ learning space, aimed specifically at those girls who are living and learning in difficult situations, so that they have an opportunity to receive quality education in a secure environment.

The stable and reliable basic educational capacity of SAKHI’s learning space provides life skills to the girls and allows them to learn with confidence. Initially, these slum girls were struggling to read and write, their vocabulary level was poor, their confidence and motivation to learn was very low, and therefore they were not able to participate actively in their school’s daily class activities.

SAKHI’s daily educational activities enable slum girls to build basic literacy and numeracy skills within their community. The availability of basic English textbooks has improved their vocabulary levels tremendously and they are able to read and write effectively, while continuing to attend school and improving their learning further.

Today more than 100 girls have access to a girls’ learning space inside their own slum community, where they come together to participate in SAKHI’s educational programmes such as the Girls’ Learning Centre, Girls’ Book Bank, Girls’ Livelihood School, and Girls’ Bank.

We are pleased to support Aarti Naik and her initiative, SAKHI for Girls’ Education, and we hope our support will help Aarti’s slum-girl voice reach you. We are honored to be sponsors of SAKHI’s efforts for the cause of slum girls’ education in India.
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Aarti NaikA Message From

Aarti Naik, Changemaker:

Thank you for your interest in SAKHI for Girls’ Education!

I am thankful for your willingness to give of your valuable resources to improve girls’ education. I believe every individual has the power to change the lives of girls who are living in difficult situations. I very much appreciate your ideas and support while I strive to provide continuous quality education to my slum girls.

Please be a mentor, well-wisher, and supporter of slum girls’ education.

To continue providing education for the slum girls of Mumbai, SAKHI needs your support.

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